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Hort is a small village in Hungary. It is situated by the side of the no.3 highway running from Budapest to Miskolc via Hatvan and Gyöngyös, at the foothills of the Matra mountain where they join the Great Plain. In the mechanism of both the country and the world Hort seems to be a small screw only. Its past history, however, is dear to the people who live here and it is also close to my heart. I am the choirmaster and teacher of religion in Hort. The people here all share a genuine love for their village and talk kindly about it's past. It is a treasur-chest for them where they can always turn for moral strength and inspiration in order to love their village even more and appreciate the place where they live.


The main occupation of the inhabitants is agriculture. I have to mention right here the melon growing since it is well known in Hungary and also abroad. The melon from Hort is a very fine product, full of juice and the largest of its kind in Hungary. In addition, also significant here the cultivation of green paprika, tomato, cucumber, peach, apple and different kind of grain crops.

Our inhabitants of course earn their livelihood more and more on other fields of work as well like industry and communication. The pensioners can complement their income by growing vegetables and fruits in their small gardens.


As far as religion is concerned the inhabitants of Hort are predominantly Roman Catholic. People belonging to other Christian religions have merged almost completely with the Catholics and they are taking an active part in the religious life of the village. Sects are practically non-existent in Hort.

According to our estimates 20-25% of the inhabitants are churchgoers. Some of the, however, don't go to church regularly even on Sundays.

The population of Hort: 3848

Number of houses: 1497

Number of dwellings: 1561

Everybody is welcome to the village of Hort and to its church.

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Ferenc Toth choirmaster and teacher of religion

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